Fokeon Gaia is not another random title of a business

It is a title we intend to honor, honoring the land that has given us quality fruits for thousands of years now.

It is based on the ancient land of Focians, which has been writing for thousands of years now, between reality and myth and the mighty name of GAIA, a world-awe-inspiring sanctuary that was the most famous of all the oracles. , the DELPHI oracle that Python, her son, was kissing on the awful monster.

GAIA, which is widely used today by many in their logos, was one of the three cosmic beings that contributed to the creation of the world.


Where were they worshiped? In DELPHI of Ancient Fokida in the top “Brand” of all time as we would say today.

Delphi was an ancient Greek city in which the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world functioned.

The city has been mentioned since Homeric times under the name Pythos. At the beginning of historical times it was one of the cities of ancient Fokida, but gradually the role of the city was strengthened and developed into a pan-Hellenic center and holy city of the ancient Greeks. It was also a center of the Delphic Amphitheater. Delphi maintained its prominent position until the end of the 4th century AD, when the oracle was finally terminated by order of Emperor Theodosius I.

Gaia preceded Chaos and Eros-Fani in the creation of the World. Elsewhere these three cosmic beings were born, in reverse order, of the Cosmic Oon as mentioned in Hesiod’s Theogony, which came from zero, nothing or the Night.

Python was a terrible monster and a goddess of Greek mythology. He had a snake body and guarded the Delphi Oracle. He was born by Gaia from the mud of the flood of Deucalion with which Zeus ended the golden age. Python lived in a cave and protected the sanctuary of Delphi